ENJOY A NEW DAY




One of the most important things that we can do is simply to look at the way we live. This short article is written, not to load you with facts, but to suggest that a lifestyle change may be one of the keys to improved wellbeing, and hence to improved social and family relationships. I would just like to make a few suggestions, which may be regarded as pointers to lifestyle changes, yet which have helped many people. But there is a wealth of additional information in books written by experts, freely available in bookstores and libraries.

REST. We may be able to go without a couple of hours sleep for a night or two, but if it forms the pattern of our lives it can cause all sorts of problems which affect our relationship with others, at work, socially, and at home. Are we cranky with our loved ones? It may just be that we have been pushing ourselves too hard and not getting enough rest. We simply must get adequate rest - usually about 8 hours each night.

FOOD. First actively taught about 100 years ago, a vegetarian diet has become the "in" thing today. Far from rejecting a vegetarian diet as being for "squares", people are now realizing that the wide variety of attractive vegetarian food is not only delicious to eat but can greatly improve their wellbeing.

Now here is something which may come as a surprise, but it is something that you can check out for yourself. When you do check this from nutritionists, look for information on the health benefits of carrots, tomatoes, capsicum, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, and other leafy green vegetables. Check also why citrus fruits, berries, apricots, bananas, paw paws, and grapes have special health-giving properties. And while you are at it, learn how valuable the various nut and bean varieties can be to your health.

Don't write this advice off because you may feel that these fruit, vegetables, nuts and beans sound familiar. Many of these have now become known as "super foods" and with good reason.  Its not just the nutritional values of these foods that are important but their health-giving properties as well.
Some scientists have claimed from studies done with known vegetarians that a balanced vegetarian diet actually adds several years to one's life.

But I suppose that if the recommendation of a vegetarian diet was only because it is so good for us, many of us would miss out because we would think that it couldn't taste all that good. On the contrary, properly prepared vegetarian meals are right at the top for taste. They are delicious.

When you look for recipes, find books that are written by vegetarians. Beware of the books that only include a section devoted to vegetarian food - it may mean that the author doesn't really understand the delights of this type of lifestyle.

A few of the important benefits of a balanced vegetarian diet include greater ease in controlling problems of being overweight, and an improved sense of well-being, thus making it easier to control frayed tempers and to be at peace with those around us.

EXERCISE. The need for exercise can't be stressed too highly. Many of us who work long hours just want to relax in the evening, by the idiot box. Try turning off the TV and walking for half an hour a day with the family instead. Try it initially for two weeks, and see the difference it makes to the well-being of both yourself and your family.

DRINK. We need, really need, several glasses of water each day to flush out the system and keep the body functioning properly. If your only fluid intake is alcohol, a large intake of caffeine from numerous cups of cola drinks or coffee, or sugar-saturated soft drinks, don't be surprised if you snap at your spouse and kids, and generally feel cranky and out of sorts. Filtered water is best, but if you would like a change from water, try freshly made fruit juice both for a lift and for good health.

FRESH AIR. It surely must be stating the obvious, but we must have plenty of fresh air to breathe. If you sleep at night with all the windows closed don't be surprised if you wake in the morning feeling listless, overtired, cranky and with a headache. Make sure your windows have security screens on them so that you can get adequate supplies of fresh air.

While you may be in the mood for some valuable changes in your lifestyle, may I suggest that you can benefit greatly if you take on board the information in two articles especially, in this website called: "Beyond Your Problems There Is Hope," and "God's Incredible Promise."

I wish you and your family well as you enjoy the benefits of a changed lifestyle.


Copyright G.S.BOARD 28 July 2003 All Rights Reserved.