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                                                 HOW DID OUR WEEK START?

Before we look at the origin for our weekly cycle, let us remind ourselves of the way our week has been structured over many years.
The first day: Sunday.
The second day: Monday.
The third day: Tuesday
The fourth day: Wednesday
The fifth day: Thursday
The sixth day: Friday
The seventh day: Saturday


In recent times, some calendars, (usually in diaries), have shown the week as starting with Monday, but this doesn't really fit in with long established practice, since the week always starts with Sunday.

Where did our week come from? It dates back to Creation. Your children may not know about it, so you may like to check it out in the Bible.

(You'll find the record in the book of Genesis, chapters 1 and 2). There you will find the story of how God made:
The first day: The day separate from the night.
The second day: Heaven separate from the waters.
The third day: Herbs, grass, and fruit trees.
The fourth day: The sun and moon.
The fifth day: Birds and fish.
The sixth day: Animals, and man.
The seventh day: A day of rest.

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