BEYOND THE CLOUDS OF OUR PROBLEMS


                    JUST FOR MOTHERS

There can be scarcely any higher calling than that of a godly mother. I have fond memories of such a wonderful lady - a dedicated person who toiled for her family day and night, yet who fitted in countless hours of help for those outside our home who were in need.

If you are or have been such a mother I wish the blessings of heaven upon you. If you haven't yet discovered the untold blessings of being such a mother, may I suggest that you stop right here and read two other articles on this website, entitled: "Problem Solutions," and "God's Marvellous Promise." Then I have something special to say to you.

Jesus had an enormous love for His mother. When He was on the cross, in incredible pain, just before He died, He committed the care of His mother to one of His disciples. What love for His mother He showed - to remember her in such a crisis!

Much of the difficulties that people have found in recent years can be found in empire building. I'm not condemning any mother for wanting to improve herself. I have several professionals among the ladies in my family and extended family, including an accountant, a medical doctor, a business manager, a nurse, and two teachers.
But what I want to do is to tell you a little known secret ( although it is recorded in the Bible for all to read ).

Shortly before His crucifixion, Jesus gave His disciples some especially good advice. They had been fighting among themselves as to who would have the key positions in the earthly kingdom which they wrongly thought that He would establish. What was the advice? Jesus said to them that whoever would be the greatest among them, should be their servant.

A servant? But Jesus said that that was the path to greatness.

Not subservience. Just being aware of people's needs and honest aspirations and going out of the way if necessary to help them achieve their honest goals.

You are probably astute enough to realise that there were no women in the group when Jesus gave that advice. So was it only for men?

I don't think so. I saw what happened in my own mother's life and in the lives of all whose lives she touched. I loved her. So did everyone else who knew her. They all knew how she lived to help others. They knew too how that she, with my father, prayed with us every morning, committing her life and our lives to the care of the God whom she served.

Want to be loved by your family? Beyond your family too? Work for others. Help them to achieve their honest goals. Ask God to help you. This is real Christianity. 

Have you read the other articles in this website, - especially: "Beyond Your Problems There Is Hope," and "God's Incredible Promise"? If you have, and adopted the information given there, you may like to tell others also how this series of articles has helped you.

May I wish you God's blessings. I hope that the love and respect that you share in your marriage and family, and beyond, will return a hundred-fold to bless you.


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