ENJOY A NEW DAY



If you are a kid and have lost your parents I want you to know that I feel very sorry that this has happened to you. Clearly I don't know you personally, and this website has no provision for emails.

But I understand your situation and because I too have lost my parents, I want to help you. Before I do so, would you like to read another article in this website called: "Beyond Your Problems There Is Hope". You'll be able to read that if you can read this, even though you may not be very old. Read it? That's good.

Now you know that one day God will change things for you if you believe in Him. But you need some special advice for now too. For example, how can you cope with the loneliness that causes you so much upset? Do you cry yourself to sleep sometimes? Its not surprising. Few of us, even adults, handle the loss of a loved one very well.
But you can cope, because you now know that one day God will make a new heaven and a new earth where there will be no more sadness and no more crying, and no more death.

Is there anything else that I can help you with? Sure is. But first you need to know about some other kids in your situation. It may come as a surprise to you to know that many kids have lost their parents. Thousands and thousands of them. For example, in parts of Africa many homes have only the children left because their parents have died through sickness. We really need that beautiful new earth which God is making for us.

So in spite of your sadness, I want to tell you of a way to feel much happier and to not feel so lonely. I know that this works, so read it carefully. If you keep on the lookout for other kids who have lost their parents, (whether their parents have died or divorced), and you try to help them, you may become so busy helping them that your own problems won't seem so bad. At school, (or even if you are older and go to University), you may hear of kids in a similar situation as you are in, or perhaps you may hear of some kids overseas that you can write to and help.

Once you start helping others, keep at it. Jesus once said that whatever we want people to do for us, we should do for them. In other words, if we try to make others happy, that will make us happy too. So we actually become happy when we help others.

That will go a long way to ease your loneliness too. There's another article in this website called: "Just For Kids". And another one called: "God's Incredible Promise". Both of these have a lot of good help.

Are you too young to read these? I don't think so. I was just 6 years old when I started to read about these things, and to teach them to my playmates also. If you are older, you may be able to help the younger ones. Remember that the more that you do for others, the less keenly will you feel the loss of your own parent or parents.

Just one other thing. Jesus is well aware of your hurting. You may not know it, but you can talk to Jesus as a friend, and ask Him to help and guide you. I hope that out of this disaster you will learn to know God and to trust Him. Maybe one day you may be able to be reunited with your parent or parents that you have lost. Remember what God has promised. You have read :"God' Incredible Promise" - haven't you?

May God bless you.


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