BEYOND THE CLOUDS OF OUR PROBLEMS



I don't need to tell you that being all alone is no fun. I'm not talking about taking time-out from a busy program and having some time to ourselves. But rather being forced by circumstances to be alone - to live alone, to be isolated from others or even ostracized from others, or to be left alone following a domestic breakdown or loss of a loved one.

Perhaps strangely, none of those situations above need to occur for someone to feel loneliness, isolation or even despair. Its an attitude which can destroy us, even if we have people all around. I wonder if you would read two other articles in this website before continuing with this article. They are called: "Beyond Your Problems There Is Hope", and "God's Incredible Promise".

Read them? Good. Now you know that your can have a
much brighter, happier future. But you can also have a much brighter, happier now as well. Here's how.

We live in a terrible age - where the very social fabric of society threatens to tear apart. We see it in broken relationships, broken homes, shattered marriages, and homeless kids. We see it in the loss of loved ones, and in trauma from many other causes, and we know that there's a vast number of people out there who are hurting, as indeed you may also be. So how does that gloomy picture help you?

In other places in this website we have noted a very important piece of advice. It is this: Whatever we want others to do for us, we should do for them. It was Jesus who said that. He wanted us to understand that if we want to be happy we should help others to be happy.

It works this way. If we go out of the way to help others resolve the problem of their loneliness, we can solve our own loneliness as well. It's a simple but effective solution to the hopelessness of being "all alone".

The field is so vast. People everywhere need help to overcome the problems of loneliness and hurt that threaten to overwhelm them.

And there is a special place for you where you can use your talents, your abilities, and experience to help others break the bonds of loneliness. No-one else can fill this unique place quite as well as you. Where would you look for all these people who need help? You'll find them among people who are going through some trauma in their lives - from whatever cause.

It may be that to prove our care for those who are lonely and hurting, that we may need to take them food, or blankets, or clothes. Maybe we'll need to help them find a job, or accommodation. Maybe we'll need to visit them at home or hospital. Maybe we'll just need to be their friend.

Ask God to help you to help others. Start small - even if you contact just one person a day.
I hope that your feelings of loneliness will soon be in the past and that you will enjoy a vibrant, happy life, as well as hope for the future.

May God bless you.


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