BEYOND THE CLOUDS OF OUR PROBLEMS



Its probably no news that bringing up kids in today's world is no picnic.
What can I say in just a few words that will provide you with some real help? There are four things that I want to mention. Firstly may I suggest that you check out two other articles in this website, called: "Beyond Your Problems" (especially if you have run into any problems in your family), and "God's Incredible Promise". When you come back to this article, I have some things to say to you which I hope that you will find interesting.

Right at the beginning, let's talk about example. In a home where a parent swears there will soon be kids who will swear.

( And who will add a few of their own that may both shock and surprise ).

What about if parents yell at each other? If parents yell at each other, their children won't be too old before they not only yell at their siblings, but at their parents also. And to their teachers. And to anyone else in authority. If you are courteous and considerate in the home, you probably won't need to spell it out to the kids. They will learn by your example.

Secondly, let me talk in general about lifestyle. If parents like to watch violent or bawdy movies or other rough programs at night, it won't be too long before the kids will find a way to watch that garbage also - either at a friend's house or by saving up their birthday money to buy their own TV.

In an age where there is widespread breakdown of marriage and family, and ever increasing tensions, those parents who come home drunk, should not be surprised when the kids get drunk, or experiment ( or worse ), with drugs at a party.

Just in case, - in the event that alcohol or drugs, or even an excess of caffeine from cola drinks or coffee - or perhaps even an excess of sugar, from sugar-saturated soft drinks, make you cranky and irritable, your kids will adopt your lifestyle. Your home could possibly become a hell on earth, but it doesn't need to be.

In the Western world today, many people are carrying excess weight, with the result that they are continually listless and tired. Hence the kids can become a real bind. Just in case these problems describe your lifestyle, you may want to consider a change. If a change of lifestyle could result in your having a feeling of vitality, and your home became a happy place again, your children will reflect that and bring you a good deal of joy. You may be able to benefit from another article in this website called: "Healthier and Happier".

Thirdly, I want to say something about attitude.
We live in a selfish, grasping age, where almost everyone is out for himself/herself - mostly at the expense of others. Everyone wants to be at the top of the pyramid, and homes seem to be no exception. Jesus gave two especially helpful pieces of advice, which I want to share with you. In the first one He said that whatever you want that people do for you, you should do for them. If you want to be happy, help others in your home to be happy. It means working for the good of all around us - helping them to achieve their honest goals in life. If you adopt this advice, and not only practice it in your home, but outside your home circle also, your kids will pick up on the right attitude and will want to be part of it.

The other thing that I wanted to mention here, is the advice from Jesus that whoever in a group wants to be the greatest, should become their servant. He wasn't talking about subserviency, but rather going out of our way to help others. Translated to the home scene, if there are chores, try bringing in a system where anyone can do whatever chore needs doing. Try asking, "What can I do to help you?" - or "Why don't I cook tonight to give you a break?" - or "Let me do the dishes." - or "I'll vacuum the house today to give you more time with the kids". Got it? Its not subservience. There's another name for it. It is called love.

and this is most important. If you have read in this website, "GOD'S INCREDIBLE PROMISE" and taken on board the advice there, you will know that by believing in the name of Jesus we can become changed. I am an old man. But as far back as I can remember, I have believed in the name of Jesus.

In addition, in my parents' home and subsequently in my own, a special time was and continues to be set aside every day, when our lives were and are, committed to God. At such a time we can thank God for His blessings, and also ask Him for wisdom and guidance for all of life's honest activities, and especially for help in bringing up the children.

There is something about this special family worship time together that just binds family members together and makes the home a happy place in which to live.

May you too have such a happy home.


Copyright ęG.S.BOARD 28 July 2003 All Rights Reserved.