BEYOND THE CLOUDS OF OUR PROBLEMS


                                                TEEN SPECIAL !

The sky's the limit!  . . . Fun, excitement,- every day a new challenge! New faces, new places, new things to try, new skills to learn! And we want it all to happen yesterday, thanks.

But hold on a minute! Brakes! More brakes! Hold it! Now that everything is quiet, think. Think? THINK!

What do you want out of life? I doubt if any of you think that all this excitement will last forever. So what do you want out of life?

Let's list a few things, and if your preferences aren't listed you can add some of your own. Try these:

1. Money. Oodles of it?
2. New Car. Checked it out already?
3. Fun?
4. Travel?
5. Boyfiend/girlfriend?
6. Intimacy?
7. Job?
Then later on:
8. Marriage?
9. A new home?
10. A steady job?
11. A profession?
12. Children of your own?

If you are an honest person and I assume that you are, you know that 1, 2, and 4, and later on 8, 9, and 12, will need an honest source of money. So let's look at a job. To be realistic, do your aspirations line up with your ability to earn at present? If you thought about it, instead of earning $8 per hour selling takeaways, would it be better to spend your time learning at school and University? ( I'm not talking about earning some pocket money at the pizza shop, but rather making a career out of it ). I know of some people who earn $8 per hour, others who earn $20 per hour, some who earn $100 per hour and one - and there are many in his profession - who earns,- wait for it,-$4000 per day! PER DAY! And that's on a quiet day! If you want to do well, put some of your dreams on hold. Work hard at your studies. Be the best that you can be. The better the profession that you can achieve, the better things will be for you financially later on.

Talking about putting things on hold for a while, let's talk about the boyfriend/girlfriend situation.  You hear what your peers are saying and doing, and you desperately want to be part of the group. But how keen are you to achieve your professional training? Your chances of meeting an attractive boyfriend/girlfriend, will increase if your peers get to know that you have plans for your life and intend to achieve them. More than that, the person whom you later choose, may well have similar goals to your own.

What about intimacy? Kids of today probably know most of what there is to know about this area. Intimacy has become in many cases about as casual as having a can of soft drink. Now what I'm going to say may sound old-fashioned, but it is right. Intimacy should be kept until after marriage, no matter what your peers think. Its your body, and your future. Intimacy is a special field of experience which God intends for marriage. Period. Remember that a wandering hand may give both of you a thrill - but it is the type of thrill that demands more,... and more.

A couple that I once knew, whom I will call John and Jill, ( not their real names ), were into everything. They were always the life of the party, and were the envy of their peers. But apart from them, only I knew just what they were up to, because John boasted to me how far they could go. Of course they went further than either of them planned, Jill became pregnant, John walked away from his responsibilities and then moved permanently to another State. Jill had the baby, and then started looking for someone who would take on a school dropout with a baby.

If you are planning on a career, make sure that you do everything possible to achieve your goals.
Learn to say "no". There will be fun times along the way, but go out with groups. Never put yourself in a position where someone can take advantage of you. Don't take the first drink of alcohol, because it lowers your defenses. If you take one, then you may find it easier to take a second, and a third, and before you know it the whole future that you had planned may come tumbling down around you. 

Its the same danger with drugs. Never, never, experiment with them. Not even once. Its not worth it.

This one is especially for girls. Choose not to be alone with anyone, unless they have proved that they are trustworthy. And by the way, while we are talking especially to girls, never leave your fruit juice or drink unattended if you are at a restaurant. If you do, you make it easier for someone of evil intent to drop something in it.

One other thing. Most of our goals when we are young, ( and unfortunately for some, throughout their lifetimes ), are in our own direction. That is, something for us ourselves. But if you want to achieve real happiness in life, try working for others. Among other things, Jesus gave two very important pieces of advice. One of these was that whatever we would like people to do for us, we should do for them. He was talking about helping others achieve their honest goals in life. The other advice is related. Jesus said that whoever would be the greatest in a group should be their servant. True greatness is found in service to others. 

Jesus wasn't talking about subserviency. Just service. Helping people achieve their qualifications in their profession; helping them to find accommodation if they are homeless; taking them food if they are hungry; buying them blankets or clothes if they are cold; helping them with household chores; helping them when they are tired; being attentive to their needs; or in general, helping people to achieve their honest goals in life. By the way, if you understand and practise these principles you will lay the foundation for, later, a happy marriage and family with those who share your ideals.

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Here's to a happy life for you.



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